Sonian Wood Coop

Sonian Wood Coop are “connecting the dots between the Sonian Forest and the woodworking community.”

The Sonian Forest is a unique peri-urban ecosystem covering approximately 5,000 hectares just outside Brussels. The Sonian Forest is managed in a sustainable way, according to the Forêt de Sonian Management Plan adopted by the Brussels government in 2019. Every year, a rigorous selection of trees is felled and replaced by new ones in order to adapt the forest to climate change and increase biodiversity. Unfortunately, more than 75% of the wood from the Sonian forest is exported to Asia for processing.

The cooperative Sonian Wood Coop aims to relocate the wood industry by orchestrating cooperation within the community of forest owners and wood workers In view of the export model that dominates Belgian forestry, Sonian Wood Coop creates local socio-economic value and a reduced environmental footprint. From the sale of standing trees to end use in architectural or design projects, their job is to ensure that every step along the way is as sustainable, local and fair as possible. This will stimulate craftsmanship and local employment. This level of cooperation along the value chain is rare in the wood sector and is a major asset in their local approach to wood.

Sonian Wood Coop participated to our Matchmaking session of September 2020 and have been since financially supported by Citizenfund (equity investment of €10,000). They also just received a convertible subordinated loan (€50,000) from the Sen’se Fund of the Foundation for Futures Generations. Finally, they are currently closing their negotiations with Trividend (equity investment) and Brusoc (Coop Us instrument - equity).

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