Pwiic is a match-making platform between neighbours who offer their services and those who need help.

A Pwiic is a phrase you can send if you need a plumber, a gardening neighbour, or even to find someone to rent you an evening dress. Similarly, if you are a professional or have skills, you can send a Pwiic to find clients. Via its Pwiic bot (an intelligent integrated robot), the company has developed a community of 75,000 active users in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In addition, it has partnerships with several retail chains (including Brico, Belgium’s largest DIY chain, and Tom&Co) as well as with the SMart (independent employment) and Multipharma (network of 270 pharmacies) cooperatives in the fight against COVID-19. The partner companies can thus create thematic communities to provide a complementary service to their customers and/or learn more about their consumption habits.

This start-up was financed by Lita and Brusoc.

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