Marie Poppies

Marie had a question on her mind: do flowers grow all year round in Belgium? After all, they are consumed in all seasons: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. Joined by Valentine, the pair investigated the way they are grown. Beware, it will sting…

Today, the majority of flowers sold in Belgium are produced using up to twice the amount of pesticides authorised for the food industry. Where do they come from? Holland, where the flowers are grown in heated greenhouses, or Kenya or Colombia, from where they are transported by refrigerated plane. A bouquet of 10 imported roses, for example, is the carbon equivalent of a flight from Paris to London!

The duo therefore decided to create Marie Poppies to fill a real gap in the market! By offering a consolidated range of sustainable flowers from 13 Belgian producers, Marie Poppies provides a revolutionary and unique solution on the market. As a leading player in the distribution of Belgian, seasonal and eco-responsible flowers, the start-up’s ambition is to make sustainable flowers accessible to everyone 🌹🌸 🌺 🌷.

Marie Poppies participated to one of Solifin’s matchmaking sessions in 2021 and raised funds from Lita and Oya seed, 2 members of Solifin.

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