The story of Linked.Farm began in 2015 when Laurence decided to launch herself into short circuits. Her goal? To make farming practices more virtuous and resilient by changing the economic model.

She travels around her region of Flemish Brabant in search of good agricultural products which she then delivers to her home. The need for an efficient digital platform soon became apparent. That is how she met Stijn, a developer. They decided to house the digital platform (which works in SaaS) in a cooperative structure to ensure that the ownership remains in the hands of the short-circuit actors.

A few years later, Frederik joined the cooperative to support the growing activity of new hubs with Linked.Farm, which now has more than 1000 participating producers.

Previously was financed from its own resources and grants, but it was the matchmaking sessions at Solifin that gave the confidence to take the step towards external funding. “We were taken by the hand and put in touch with impact investors who think like us, who want to change the world,” says Laurence. About the investors, LinkedFarm brought Citizenfund and Funds For Good on board, and they hope to close a deal with Change soon. Trividend is also following them closely and it is not excluded that they will join later.

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