La Tribu

La Tribu is a responsible participatory brand that co-creates products with citizens, with the aim of generating impact from seed to plate. In short, their aim is to be a bridge between consumers in search of transparency and knowledge and producers in search of light. With a motto: taste, traceability, impact.

Impact is their raison d’être. They want to generate impact across 3 major pillars. First of all, the protection of the environment and in particular the forests. This is reflected in the fact that their coffees come from agroforestry. And for each kilo of coffee they import, they have decided to pay a premium to a reforestation fund. The second pillar is the protection of vulnerable people. Both the small producers who have to survive in a very fluctuating and concentrated market, but also the disabled people who are employed at La Tribu through an ESAT (Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail).

The start-up capital was €2,000 and the team started with self-financing. In 2019, La Tribu is carrying out a first crowdfunding campaign with Ulule, allowing them to launch a first production and to have a financial springboard to go to the banks for a second production.

In 2020, La Tribu raised 120,000 euros on WE DO GOOD to accelerate its development and expand its participatory brand community. To find out more about La Tribu, read more here.

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