La Ressource

La Ressource cooperative was born in May 2020. Its founders, Nasta, Alex and Candice, all 3 coming from very different backgrounds, shared the same intention: to contribute to the development of a healthy, local and zero waste lifestyle. At the origin of the project we find the non-profit organisation Alma Sana, created by Candice and Nasta, active in the ecological transition since 2016. The meeting with Alex in 2018, is what made the objective of the association possible: the creation of a sustainable and shared drugstore.

La Ressource is therefore a sustainable and shared drugstore where you can find everything you need for your transition to a sustainable lifestyle. You will find everything you need to take care of yourself and your home in a natural and zero waste way: natural and local ingredients in bulk to make your own products; cosmetics and cleaning products in bulk, solid and liquid as well as stylish accessories.

You will also find a laboratory to make your products, workshops to learn and share, ingredients and finished products. All are provided in bulk and without packaging.

La Ressource participated in our matchmaking session that took place on 15 March 2020 and raised 400,000 euros thanks to, Brusoc & Funds for Good.

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