La fourmilière

A coffee, a waste-free coworking space, a meeting place, but above all, a cooperative. La Fourmilière wants to make Brussels more dynamic, but not in just any way.

We are developing culture and meetings in the centre of our Brussels municipality through a cosy and friendly atmosphere, with a focus on zero waste, local actors and quality products. A cultural springboard that will get Anderlecht moving!

Located between the Maison d’Erasme, the Escale du Nord cultural centre and the Beguinage, with a view of the Saints-Pierre-et-Guidon Collegiate Church, La Fourmilière is accessible by public transport and by bike (15 minutes from the centre of Brussels).

La Fourmilière raised €16,350 on Growfunding in 2018. It was the first campaign to reach more than 200% of the expected amount. They also obtained a loan from Brusoc. Based in Anderlecht, this project aims to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity in this municipality. They have also adopted a zero waste approach and use their space to organise events around this theme.

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