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Alternative mobility is in the spotlight.

KAMEO Bikes, a specialist in bicycle leasing for companies, intends to take advantage of this to accelerate its development. However, the demand for bicycles, especially electric ones, is very high and KAMEO Bikes must respond quickly to its B2B customers. The supply, management and financing of their stock of bicycles are key elements in the success of this young SME from Liège.

In order to strengthen and complete its sources of financing, KAMEO Bikes turned to the approved crowdlending platform Ecco Nova to raise 250,000 euros from the public. “The campaign with Ecco Nova exceeded our expectations. At the launch of the campaign, visits to our website exploded and we were able to close the financing gap in less than 21 hours. Thanks to this success, KAMEO Bikes has the financial resources necessary for its supply of bikes throughout 2021. With the financial need now solved, KAMEO Bikes can fully dedicate itself to the commercial effort and make 2021 a great success” explains Antoine Lust, co-founder of KAMEO Bikes.

This enthusiasm is shared by Ecco Nova, which, like KAMEO Bikes, is located in Liège. “Seduced by their project, we contacted KAMEO Bikes in February 2021. Less than two months later, our enthusiasm was confirmed by our risk analysis and nearly 100 Ecco investors financed this first reference in the financing of a sustainable SME!

Here is a video that tells you a bit more about the project.

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