Janine is a bakery that brews and a brewery that bakes 🍺🍞, innovative isn’t it?

So our dear Janine is both at the oven and the mill: she breaks the crust by day and sinks her lather by night, always in a unifying spirit. She does it for the love of her family, the women and men she loves, who inspire her, to whom she wishes to give the simple pleasure of a good beer, and of a soft bread that does good to the heart ❤️ as well as to the Earth 🌍!

Bertrand, Maxime, Carole and Morane have co-created this circular brewery & bakery in Brussels ♻️🇧🇪 . Fervent lovers of good quality bread & beer, they wanted to communicate their positive vibes around these 2 flagship products through a circular, symbiotic, open and creative approach.

Janine won a call for projects via OpenSoon and the 2020 Public Award from Greenlab, Hub.Brussels’ sustainable incubator. This accelerated her fundraising. Via Solifin, Janine raised funds with Triodos bank, Brusoc and Funds for Good.

Janine’s bakery can be found at the following address: Chaussée d’Alsemberg 258260, 1190 Forest, Tuesday to Saturday: 7.30am-7pm, Sunday and Monday: closed https://janine.brussels/

Janine co-created with 3 other brewers the first cooperative of microbreweries, “la cohop “. You can find the Janine brewery at the following address: Chaussée de Wavre, 950 1040 Etterbeek https://cohop.be/

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