frOui Drinks

frOui is above all a story of family and friends in love with good things and life!

Jeffrey and Laurent have always been looking for a fruity refreshment that is suitable for children and adults alike and that is above all good for your health! Concerned about the well-being of their loved ones, passionate about cooking, and especially tired of the ultra-processed and overly sweetened industrial drinks, they decided to create frOui.

frOui is the healthy beverage whose mission is to offer families the opportunity to choose a daily consumer good that respects at the same time the environment, health … and is delicious.

The duo created an innovative process combining fruits & plants infusion with juice to have both taste & health. frOui has 6x less sugar than a juice/soda, is organic and bottled in ecological packagings. Our beverages are sold in organic shops and in Delhaize.

frOui participated in the Solifin’s matchmaking session in 2020 and recently raised equity from Scale-Up, a Solifin member.

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