Filons Vert

Filons Vert is an agroecological market gardening project on living soil, which started in Ohain (Lasne, Brabant-Wallon) in 2022.

Trained as bioengineers, Marine and Amelia have known each other since childhood. They discovered and nurtured their common dream of becoming market gardeners while cycling around Belgium: a profession that reconnects them to nature, to the time things take, that allows them to stay healthy, to exchange and to share.

Their project is based on a self-picking model, with a yearly subscription according to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) principle, which offers consumers the opportunity to come and pick their vegetables in the field, thus benefiting from incomparably fresh produce, total flexibility (choice of vegetables and times), and a reconnection with the earth. On the other hand, the producer is financially protected and has more time to take care of his or her field and self.

This model aims to be sustainable, viable and convivial… to move towards an agriculture that supports farmers, respects the life of the soil and biodiversity, and allows to make the link between producers and consumers. At equilibrium, the project will feed 230 people. In short, the right green lode to feed oneself healthily, feed the link, and feed tomorrow.

Filons Vert participated in a Solifin matchmaking session in 2021 and thanks to this was able to borrow the missing funds for their installation investments from Funds For Good Impact in early 2022. Funds For Good Impact will also have allowed them to refine their project by challenging it and offering support during the loan period. All of this was done during very human exchanges, which also created a bond!

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