A smart world

aSmartWorld is a Belgian start-up founded in 2018. It collects used smartphones and tablets locally in order to refurbish and recirculate them 🛠️📱♻️.

aSmartWorld’s mission are twofold.

  • Environmental: to give a new life to unused smartphones and tablets.
  • Social: to fight the digital divide in Belgium by helping existing associations.

aSmartWorld integrates the value chain of refurbishment, from collection in Belgium, to the sale to the end user in the EU. This integration ensures more transparency and control, leading to higher refurbishment rate and decreasing risk of bad treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The company raised 400k€ in equity from Change and Lita during summer 2021. This money intends to fund the commercial development of the company and the launch of its new mobile app that will be used to increase the volume of smartphones and tablets collected from individuals.

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