Interview with Quentin & Pierre-Yves, co-founders of ECCO NOVA


Ecco Nova joined Solifin’s network as member in November 2021 and we are really happy to welcome them on board. Pierre-Yves & Quentin, co-founders of Ecco Nova, kindly agreed to answer some questions for an interview.

Who are you and what is your role in the company ?

Ecco Nova was created by two friends, Quentin Sizaire and Pierre-Yves Pirlot. They met in uLiège in engineering school. Their background is the production of renewable energy, they resumed studies at HEC Liège during which the idea of Ecco Nova was germinated.

What was your motivation in joining/creating Ecco Nova and what makes it unique?

Our ambitions were to finance the energy transition, fight against citizen opposition in the wind energy sector and activate the dormant savings of citizens with crowdlending. Our specialization and our ability to organize targeted fundraising campaigns (residents, customers, employees, etc.) makes us unique

How does your organisation succeed in its mission so far ?

We raised nearly 32 million euros for nearly 50 projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our community is past 10,000 members and our growth is accelerating. Our main KPI is the CO2 savings achieved through the co-financing of projects, it amounts to more than 150,000 tonnes saved per year.

What are your main challenges for the years to come?

It is currently easier to find funds than projects to finance. In addition, there will come a time when this market, still very young, will end up consolidating; undoubtedly by the arrival of a new European reglementation on crowdfunding. Source of risk and opportunity. Finally, it will be necessary to carefully monitor the default rate of projects financed by the entire sector.

Why was it important for you to join Solifin and what are your expectations?

We were seduced by the convergence between the sincerity of SOLIFIN in its approach for a more resilient, responsible and united finance and its openness. SOLIFIN is a pragmatic, inclusive but rigorous actor. Matchmaking sessions are focused and efficient. We are very excited to join this movement!