Interview with Bruno, Inpulse Investment Manager


Inpulse joined Solifin’s network as member in November 2021 and we are really happy to welcome them on board. Bruno Dunkel, Managing Director of Inpulse Investment Manager, kindly agreed to answer some questions for an interview.

Who are you and what is your role in the company ?

I have spent all my career into the financing of the social entrepreneurship sector (coops, microfinance, social entreprises). I am deeply convinced that inclusive finance brings highly valuable solutions to the much needed social changes in our society. As the general manager of Inpulse, I strive to get the best out of the team, in order to have a great qualitative impact on all our stakeholders, and in particular the end social and micro entrepreneurs.

What was your motivation in joining Inpulse and what makes it unique ?

Inpulse’s mission is to bring positive changes in the life of micro and social entrepreneurs. This is a unique mission for a unique company. As impact fund manager, Inpulse wants to bring more financing into the sector, matching ESG goals with a reasonable financial returns for the investors. To be part of this venture drives myself every day to deliver the best I can with the support of my talented colleagues.

How does your organisation succeed in its mission so far ?

Thanks to our 3 funds, CoopEst, CoopMed and Helenos, we are partnering with more than 40 financial institutions in 15 countries across the EU and its neighboring countries, supporting indirectly more than 120.000 social and micro entrepreneurs to develop their business. We are very proud of this result and of our methodology in assessing their impact. This combination of field action and impact delivery makes us a unique actor in the impact investing sector in Belgium.

What are your main challenges for the years to come ?

Impact is a nice word that is sometimes misused – impact-washing is a reality. Our challenge is thus to better differentiate ourselves, in order to convince our present and future stakeholders of our real impact. This is our motivation and main challenge when structuring new funds (2 new impact funds being currently under development).

Why was it important for you to join Solifin and what are your expectations ?

As a multi-country actor, Inpulse is based in Belgium but was not very visible in Belgium. Solifin is for us important in order to expand our network across Belgium and initiate new partnerships with other Solifin members.

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